is now a vengance corporation

Icould have..

lived the rest of my days as a happy, healthy, and wealthy small cannabis business owner. 

Under Gavin's watch California state regulators viciously and relentlessly dismantelled countless thousands of small canna businesses becuase they wanted to make their job eaiser. 

Yes, it is easier to regulate a small number of big players than it is to regulate a growing and viabrant cannabis market with 100's of thousands of players.  

BUT NO you had to make crippling regulations knowing that many small companies would never be able to comply.

I will repay your kindness with the same kindness you showed my industry. I will go after what you covet most!

Total number of active state employees.....238,146

(Prior to the death of the former GRAM UP)

Total number of active state employees.....119,073

(After the GRAM UP rebirth)

It won't be as easy as snapping my fingers to innovate or automate away 119k government jobs, but it will be easier than collecting all infinity stones. As the state you can fuck over a lot of people a lot of the time, but you can't fuck over everyone all the time and get away with it.